Friday, 17 June 2011

TGIF, Baby!

It's Friday!!!! (I shall pause to give you time for the Snoopy Dance.)

Feel better? I sure do!

Now, to business ...

Follow Friday (#FF)

Today is the dreaded Follow Friday over on Twitter. For you Twitter Virgins, Follow Friday is the oppotunity to tell the world who you think they should follow on Twitter. Which is a great idea, except that it usually involves my feed getting clogged up with message after message containing nothing but strings of @soandso. Ugh.

Worst of all? I'm guilty of doing the SAME thing!

So imagine my thrill when I stumbled acrossed a post by Kristen Lamb on this very issue!

Friday Book Club

I haven't done Friday Book Club in awhile. Bad me! To be honest, I keep forgetting. (Rolls eyes at self.)

This week I've been reading Nightfall, the awesome new post-apocalyptic romantic advnture (with magic!) by Ellen Connor.

And who is this Ellen Connor, you might ask? It's the psuedonym for the fantabulous writing pair, Carrie Lofty and Ann Aguirre. (What am I? A poet? Geez.) I've never read anything by Carrie Lofty, but I'm a big fan of Ann Aguirre's. Also I love tales of the apocalypse sooo much it's weird. I was really looking forward to this novel and it hasn't disappointed.

What I'm Doing This Friday

Last night I finished an epic round of edits on Kissed by Darkness. Now it's back with my fabulous editor, Lauren, for a final once over. Then it's off to the formatter. God willin' and the sky don't fall, I'll be able to upload it on the 30th. Yeehaw! The first of the Sunwalker Saga will be let loose on the world.

Which means it's PARTY TIME!

I need a break. Seriously. So tonight no writing, no rewriting, no edits. I'm headed out with my soul sistah Sheena for some tasty beverages and girly gossip in London town. I can't think of a better way to enjoy a Friday night and celebrate another milestone on my road to publishing.

Sunwalker Press

And speaking of Sunwalkers, I've decided to publish under the publishing name Sunwalker Press. There are a lot of reasons for this (Expounded by indie publishing giants Dean Wesley Smith and Robin Sullivan. You can read more about it on their blogs.) having to do with good business practices. And I thought "Sunwalker Press" sounded rather nice.

How about you?

What have you been reading and enjoying this week?

And how are you celebrating another Fabulous Friday?

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