Monday, 6 June 2011

Please Don't Reanimate After Death

I think I might be dying.

No. Seriously. Based on symptoms it's either appendicitis or the plague.

Granted, based on the petri dish of an office I work in, stomach bug's more likely.

But if you see me staggering down the street looking like I just munched somebody's brains, do me a favor. Do not pass go. Do not collect the Twinkies. Just put me out of my misery.



  1. Look on the bright side. Dying is a good way to boost sales.

    Coming back from the dead would be even better. Given your subject matter I imagine that would boost sales even further.

    A word other than "silver lining" might have to be used, though.

  2. Unfortunately sky-rocketing sales will have to wait. Feeling much better this morning and definitely NOT dead.


    Guess I'll have to stick with the silver lining.