Monday, 20 June 2011

Everything I Know I Learned From Star Trek

I’m in the midst of re-reading my novel to catch any last minute errors before shooting it off to the formatter. (Egads!) So, I’m a little short on time. But I wanted to share this BRILLIANT post from Kristen Lamb (Whose book We Are Not Alone is a MUST read for any indie writer.) on what we can learn about writing from Star Trek.


What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Great Writing Happy Monday! Last week, we picked on the poor Star Wars prequels. What went wrong? Better yet, what lessons can we, as writers, take away from some serious storytelling blunders? If you missed this discussion, go here, and check out the comments. Some people way smarter than me stopped by, that's for certain. So, this week, I decided that this piece I wrote about STAR TREK last year might be a nice follow-up to the Star Wars piece from last week … Read More

via Kristen Lamb's Blog

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