Friday, 3 June 2011

The Horror Of It All!

A couple days ago I did a crazy thing.

I Rick Astley'd my Twitter peeps. Oh, yes, I did.

This led to a rather merry to and fro with zombie writer Jack Wallen (and a few others) regarding Rick Astley, Celine Dion and zombies. It also led me to have a few Deep Thoughts regarding my favorite Zombie Moments throughout history. Well, my own personal history anyway.

Musically speaking we MUST start with the MJ classic:

Closely followed by this ridiculously cool updated version:

Not quite as good as a Rick Astley zombie, but darn close.

It's not a movie, but any good list of zombie movies must include The Walking Dead. Honestly, I think it's one of the best tv shows I've seen in awhile, zombies or no zombies. But we all know that everything is better with zombies. Can't wait for season two.

28 Days Later wins the movie list for me. I don't know why, but I could watch that move a hundred times. Come to think of it, I probably have.

Close behind is Dawn of the Dead (both versions). Zombies in a shopping mall. Yeah, been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

And who can forget Zombieland for the sheer awesomeness of "Time to nut up or shut up!"

Shaun of the Dead wins for sheer fun factor, not to mention Best Use of Every Day Items As Zombie Weapons.

But what we're really here for are zombie books. Am I right? Of course I am.

Granted, I'm only a "newbie" to the genre, but I find I quite enjoy a good zombie yarn.

For those who enjoy a good romance with a side of zombie, check out Joss Ware's Envy Chronicles. Now, these aren't the kind of romances where zombies fall in love (Ew. The sheer ick factor creeps me out no end.). These are post-apocalyptic romance novels where humans (live ones) fall in love with other humans (also live) and fight zombies on the side. Fan-freaking-tastic!

Jesse Petersen's Living With The Dead series is chock full of giggles. Can a zombie apocalypse save your marriage? Apparently the answer is "yes"! Some of you may know Jesse from KB. The series is traditionally published, but she will also be self-pubbing some zombie short stories based on the LWTD world in August. So check her out!

Finally, my latest discovery. Indie author Jack Wallen's I Zombie I is keeping me up nights. Seriously. I am so annoyed with him right now. It's not that I find it particularly scary, it's just so GOOD. I can't wait to see what happens next! The second in the series, My Zombie My, is going to be available next month (I hate you Jack!). It's top of my "Zombie's to buy" list.

How about you? Know any good zombie movies? Music? Books?

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