Wednesday, 1 June 2011

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It...

Apparently today is the day for interviews with super cool authors.

First is an interview over on JA Konrath's site with one of my all time faves, James Rollins. Ok, technically it was posted yesterday, but let's not split hairs. I'm thrilled James Rollins has a new ebook short story out for just 99 cents. (Now if only stupid Amazon would let me purchase it.) I'm even more excited that he will be self pubbing more shorts stories in the near future. Rock on.

Next, Cheryl Shireman is hanging out over at David Gaughran's blog today talking about how Life Is More Than A Dream. For those of you who may not know, Cheryl has had incredible success self publishing her novel Life Is But A Dream. Cheryl is a lovely lady and is happy to share her experiences, so head over and check out the post.

All right, so it's just two super cool authors, but trust me their posts are worth reading.

I've been thinking about doing some author interviews here on my blog. Just to add something of interest. Plus it'll give me the chance to be legitimately nosey. I love being nosey.

If any one is interested, drop me a line.


  1. Hello once again kind Shéa, glad to know you are "nosey" and forthcoing an "author reviewer" too... cheerio!....
    By the way...
    I wonder if there is any community that gathers Indie E-book Authors....
    for instance, myself (as a musician) I follow both "ReverbNation" and "Indie Music Channell" web communities for instance....

    Do you know anyone?

    Kep Up the Sacred Fire ♥

  2. Of course! The Writer's Cafe on Kindle Boards is a great place for writers to hang out. I've met loads of fantastic authors both the traditionally published and indie, as well as those who do both. I've learned so much there and can't recommend it enough.

    There are lots of blogs, as well, though I'm not as familiar with them.

  3. Awesome news Shéa... You've always been of such a great help!... I will join them right now... and if ever you decide to review authors... be sure that you will be the first one to whom I shall send my celtic poem E-book on which I am working at!

    Bright blessings as always ☼

  4. Do join them. They're an amazing group and you will learn a lot.