Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Things To Be Grateful For

Over at Writer In Progress, author Rebecca Knight talks about the things she's grateful for this week:

Rebecca Knight: Writer In Progress: Things To Be Grateful For

That got me thinking. I've had a pretty manic week so far. Things are completely insane at work. I
haven't had much time (or energy) to write. I've had a trip to the dentist AND a trip to the doctor. My
cover artist was supposed to have the cover for my book done this week, but it ain't gonna happen until
the end of the month. And that's just for starters. Seriously, a girl could get depressed.

Yeah, good times.

So, maybe it's time to turn off the crazy for a minute and focus on the thankful.

1. I already have a great critique partner, but I've always been of the opinion that while two heads are better
than one, three heads is a winner. I now have another fantastic crit partner I met over on the Kindle Boards.
Two of them are keeping me on the straight and narrow and giving me brilliant feedback. I'm rocking this
writing stuff right out of the park!

2. I have a box of Magnums in my freezer. For those of you in the USA, Magnums are like Dove ice cream bars.
Yeah, that's something to be grateful for.

3. My parents are incredibly supportive even though I will never allow them to read anything I write. Well, maybe
I'll have to write something nice and clean just so they can read something I've written. Sort of a Grace Livingston
Hill meets Louis Lamour. I shudder at the thought. Maybe a cozy mystery ala Agatha Christie. Yeah, that's better.

4. And finally, the Kindle Boards. Every visit I make I find inspiration, support, confirmation, and information. Huh.
Too bad "support" doesn't end with "ation". Bygones. I'm so happy to have f0und a place where I can yammer about
my craft to other people who are just as obsessed about it as I am.

Oh and another thing...

Free food. I'm really grateful that tonight I'm going to a snazzy party, thanks to my day job. Even better than the free food?

Free booze. ;-)


  1. You're right about the parents thing - my dad would be okay, but my mum reading some of my stories. The mind boggles. Even some 15 films she doesn't like.

  2. Totally. I swear my mom would have heart palpations. I said "damn" once in front of her (on accident) and she nearly had a coronary. My dad thought it was hysterical. lol

    Ahhh... parents. :-)