Sunday, 8 May 2011

(Evil) Technology

This morning during my stroll through the interwebs, I stopped by my friend Bee's place. Bee is hilarious. As in pee-your-pants-funny hilarious. As funny as she is online, she's even funnier in real life. I know this because Bee isn't just my bloggy friend, she's also my oxygen friend. We've known each other for way more years than either of us will ever admit to.

Her most recent post was on the evils of technology, specifically Facebook and Oster blenders. You can read it here. Go ahead. It's worth it. I'll wait.

Good, huh? Yeah, that's Bee for you. I have to say I was especially relieved to hear that sharks and astronauts need alone time, too. Let me tell you that is a weight off my mind.

What does this have to do with books, you ask.

Nothing. And everything.

It just reminded me of a lot of the snarky little battles traditionalists in the book world try to wage. Usually with no effect whatsoever.

There is nothing wrong with physical paper books (Well, except for the environmental impact, whatever that may be. But I am so not going there.). I love paper books and I believe there will always be paper books in some form or another.

But like those moms stubbornly refusing to face the reality that computers and the internet and (evil) Facebook are not going away, there is still a large element that thinks by closing their eyes and burying their heads in the sand, ebooks will go away. I've heard this from publishers, agents, writers and even some readers. I can't tell you the number of articles or blogs I've read from such people claiming ebooks and ereaders are a fad that will go the way of the 8 track.

Guess what? Ebooks aren't going away.

These articles and so forth aren't about reality. They're about fear. Fear of change. Change is always scary. Believe me I know. Giving up my "traditionally published" dream in order to self publish ebooks wasn't an easy one. But it WAS the right one. For me. Without change we stagnate and die.

While ebooks aren't going away, they will change and grow and develop probably in ways we can't even imagine. But they are definitely here to stay and the publishing world is going to have to deal with it.

Heck, ebooks have been on the way since Star Trek. Everyone knows Captain Kirk had a Kindle.

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