Monday, 9 May 2011

And I'm Feeling Good.....

I feel good.

Granted, the sun is shining, which might have a little something to do with it. But seriously folks, I am freaking happy!

Before I start a rousing rendition of Nina Simone's fabulous song, let me tell you why:

I got the Power!

Oh, good grief, there I go. I don't know what is wrong with my brain today. Honestly the only thing I'm on is caffeine.

First, go read Dave Gaughran's post "Why I Decided To Self-Publish". I'm sure it's a tale many of you are familiar with.

My comment to Dave's post was this:

“There is something motivating about self-publishing.” (David Gaughran)

This. Absolutely this!

Since I made my decision to self-publish, I’ve been quite literally galloping through the writing process of my second book while polishing the first to a shine (And waiting for my editor and cover artist to finish their bits.). I’ve joined Twitter, ramped up Facebook, and really got serious about posting to my blog at least a couple times a week (Haven’t made it to every day yet.). I’ve even started setting up appearances on blogs (Though will focus more on that closer to the release.).

I’m EXCITED! I decide what I write, how I write, what the cover will look like and so on and so forth. If I want to mix six different genres into one crazy tale, I can do that and no one is going to come back and say they can’t sell it because they don’t know what shelf to stick it on. (Dumb ass reason, if you ask me.) My fate is no longer in the hands of anyone but myself and my readers.

And that is a very good feeling, indeed.

This is why I'm EXCITED, people! This what has me practically jumping up and down every day and pounding away at the computer every night. This is what has me practically obsessed over what I'm writing now, what I'm writing next.

For the first time I feel like a REAL writer. This is not a hobby. This is my passion. My obsession. My friggin' LIFE!

Lord knows I'm no JK Rowling. And chances are that I'll never be as successful as Joe Konrath or Amanda Hocking, but my stories are going to be out there were people can read them. And pay for them! Maybe even love them.

The point is, that instead of allowing my work to languish at the bottom of a drawer or in someone's slush pile, I'm making things happen! I am making my goals HAPPEN!

And THAT is why I'm Walking on Sunshine!

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  1. Great post, very encouraging to all new writers who want to be recognised. I agree 100%. I've just read Dave Gaughran's post and it was really good to read that others have done the same as me. Self-publishing is a wonderful way to go about having your book published. You are in total control.

    Good luck with it.
    Came here from Kindle Boards,
    Crystal Jigsaw