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Sample Sunday: Kissed by Darkness Chapter 3a

Welcome once again to Sample Sunday. Free reading for all! I'm really thrilled to share you you chapters from my upcoming urban fantasy novel Kissed by Darkness (due to be published at the end of June).

If you missed my previous offerings you can find Chapter One here, and Chapter Two here. This week I'm posting the first half of Chapter Three.


Kissed by Darkness
Chapter 3 (a)

Inigo joined me outside the club. He had lipstick smeared on his collar and his lips looked a bit swollen. “Lucky bitch,” I said, giving him the once over. He threw his head back and laughed.

“Gee, thanks Morgan. You’d probably get some, too, if you bothered to stop and smell the roses once in awhile.”

“Whatever.” I didn’t like to think about my lack of success in relationships with men. It was pathetically Freudian and I knew it. Didn’t need to go into a whole song and dance about it. “Sense anything, lover boy?”

He shrugged, “Not much. She gave me tinglies.”

I blinked. “Excuse me?” My mind was suddenly going places it really shouldn’t go. At least not with Inigo.

“Good ones. Cordelia gave me a good vibe. I think she’s somebody we should keep around.”

I shook my head, “We’ve already got a friendly neighborhood clairvoyant. We don’t need two of them.”

He chuckled, “She’s not clairvoyant. Well, not exactly. She’s a lot more than that. She’s sort of a… a mystic, I think.”

“Right, ok. Fine. Whatever.” I pulled one of the business cards out of my pocket and handed it to him. “She said this Eddie guy can probably help us find the Sunwalker. It looks like he runs some kind of mystic mumbo jumbo shop.”

“You’re a fine one to talk about mystic mumbo jumbo,” Inigo raised a brow at me. “You’re not exactly an average, ordinary human type yourself.”

“True. But I’m not about to start burning incense and dancing naked in the moonlight.”

He gave me one of those head to toe gazes that men give women they find particularly tasty. “Too bad.”

“Pervert,” I laughed. There was no way I was admitting that the thought of Inigo watching me dance naked in the moonlight was practically giving me a hot flash.


“Ok, can we be serious for a minute? We need to talk to this guy, find out what he knows, even if he is a loon,” I insisted.

“Ok, but you’ll have to go alone. I know this place. It’s a strictly day time operation. And you know how I feel about getting out of bed before 6pm.”

“Right. I’ll hit the shop tomorrow then while you’re getting your beauty rest.”

He reached out and caressed my cheek. Sent a shiver all the way down my spine. Now I was the one with the tinglies. “You should think about getting some yourself. You’re looking a bit tired.”

“Gee, thanks,” I said dryly. “Just what every girl wants to hear. Some young stud muffin telling her she looks tired.”

He smirked, “So, you think I’m a stud muffin, huh?”

“Oh, shut up. Kabita would kill me if she heard us having this conversation.”

“What Kabita doesn’t know won’t piss her off,” he grinned. “C’mon. I got plenty of room for two.” He waggled his eyebrows at me.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Inigo, you are way too young for me.”

He just smirked some more, “Twenty-four is not that young. I’m certainly old enough for what counts.” His grin turned unbelievably lascivious and my mind went straight to some very naughty places.

Great, just what I needed. Out of control hormones in the middle of a hunt. And it wasn’t Inigo’s out of control hormones I was worried about. “Oh, yes, I’m sure you’re very, ah, good in that department. But I’m very busy and important and don’t have time for your nonsense,” I said loftily and I stomped off down the street. When in doubt, a grand exit is always appropriate. Especially when one is trying desperately not to jump one’s best friend’s cousin’s bones.

Dear gods, I was in some serious trouble.


It was just gone 2:30 am when I got home. I stripped down to my underwear, yanked on a tee shirt, and crawled into bed. I was starting to think I was getting way too old for this shit.

Granted, twenty-nine isn’t that old. It’s like the new nineteen, right? But I’d been hunting vampires for three years now and it never got any easier. In fact, it seemed like the more of these things I killed, the more new ones popped up.

And now this whole Sunwalker thing. As if my life wasn’t weird enough, I was suddenly on the hunt for a mythical creature that supposedly hadn’t existed, if it ever existed at all, for hundreds of years. Great. Just great.

To top that off, I had some mystic palm reader telling me that the guy I was supposed to execute might not be a bad guy, after all. Wasn’t quite sure I bought that. I mean, a vamp is a vamp, even if he can walk around in daylight. I know about all of the fairy tales Hollywood likes to produce about the sexy undead, but the truth is, vamps would just as soon eat you as do anything else with you. The bloodlust is all consuming. I’d never met a vamp where it was otherwise. How could a Sunwalker be any different?

I jerked the fluffy duvet up to my chin and stared at the ceiling. If Sunwalkers did exist, then how on earth did one kill them? And why would a centuries old vampire that could walk around in daylight steal a worthless necklace from some rich guy? I was starting to think there was a lot about this case that wasn’t going to make any sense.

So many questions and not a lot of answers. In fact, the further into this thing I got, the more questions I seemed to have.

I let out a sigh. Sometimes I wished I was back living my old life, before the vampire attack that changed everything. Just doing the day to day thing at a regular nine to five job. Going about life doing all the normal ordinary things that normal ordinary people do.

Then again… naw! I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face and dreamed of a man with golden skin, eyes like the ocean and a mouth made for sin.

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