Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Spotlight: Old-School SciFi, Baby!

Today's Spotlight is the new short story by David Gaughran. It's scifi. It's old-school. There's an obsessesed scientist. Also the cover is super cool. Check it out!

Molecular biologist Dr. Carl Peters is under pressure on two fronts: his research grants are disappearing and his marriage is falling apart. But when medical researchers discover that genetically modified animal feed has tainted the food chain, he finally gets the funding he always dreamed of.

Dr. Peters discovers the reason behind the cancer link with GM food, but it's so crazy, he barely believes it himself.

His story takes on militant vegans, corruption, homelessness, university politics, radiation, the celebrity-obsessed media, and a shadowy conspiracy.

TRANSFECTION is a brand-new story, exclusively available as an e-book.

Oh, Dave, you had me at "molecular biologist"!

Transfection is dirt cheap at just 70 pence (Or 99 cents for those of you in the US.).
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