Saturday, 28 May 2011

Review: Shimmer, Spells and Faerie Tales

Title: Shimmerspell
Genre: YA Paranormal (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)
Format: ebook


Shimmerspell is a lovely paranormal YA story about a girl who discovers that neither she, nor the world around her, is exactly as it seems. There's a little touch of romance, quite a bit of magic, and a few surprises along the way.

I truly believe Spencer is a talented writer. Her descriptions of places such as the Isle of Mermen are outstanding. She doesn't just show you what it looks like, she draws you right into it.

Having said that, the book is slightly choppy in places. Some things are left a little unclear (For instance dark elves and light elves are a big part of the book, but they are never really explained.) or feel slightly rushed. But this is her first novel and it's a pretty solid offering. She can only get better.

I certainly won't hesitate to recommend Shimmerspell as a light, quick read to anyone who enjoys a paranormal YA. It's also a nice relief from the usual vampire trope. :-)

Shimmerspell is available on Amazon UK , Amazon , Amazon DE , and Smashwords .

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