Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Witch Hunt

Today brought with it the most shameful piece of pseudo-journalism I've seen in a long time.

A mild mannered (and from all accounts excellent) English teacher named Judy Buranich has been "outed" as an erotic romance novelist. Apparently this means she should be burned at the stake. Let the witch hunt begin.

Keep in mind, the poor woman has done NOTHING wrong or illegal. She has kept her private life and her writing life separate from her work life. She writes under a pseudonym (Judy Mays) and doesn't talk about her books in class. It's not like she's running down the halls stripping her clothes off.

Sarah over at SmartBitches has done an excellent post on the shamefulness of it all. Shiloh Walker talks about her Twitter campaign to point out the sheer stupidity of WNEP and their "journalists".

It's like we've stepped into a time warp and it's the Inquisition all over again. As one commenter pointed out, if she had been writing slasher books, she'd probably get kudos and her name on a plaque. But, no, she's writing about sex and romance.

Oh, the shock!

The horror!

To show my support for a fellow author (And to show just how stupid I think this whole witch hunt is.), I went straight over to Amazon and bought one of her books.

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