Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Adding to My Collection

So, a couple weeks ago I found a cover artist in Belgium (Dontcha just love the interwebs!). She's a really cool lady and is going to maketh unto me an uber awesome cover for Kissed by Darkness. I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever so I figured I'd better let a pro do it and save myself (and my readers) some grief.

I was originally going to use a couple beta readers for editing. It works for Joe Konrath. But the thing is, Joe Konrath has been writing for a bajillion years (Sorry, Joe.). He knows what works, what doesn't and how to make it all come together. It's called experience. Me? Not so much.

This is my first novel. I don't want to screw it up. I want it to be the best it can be. I know I have a certain amount of talent when it comes to playing with the written word, but talent only gets a girl so far.

Well, I found myself a lovely editor. I'm really excited to be working with her and can't wait to get started on the process.

I was also intending to do my own formatting. I'm reasonably intelligent, so I figured I could learn. Unfortunately more those more experience suggested that for a newbie like me, it would take quite a chunk of time. Fortunately, I don't have to! Through a recommendation I found another lady (Girl power!) who will do my formatting for a very reasonable price. I would rather pay her to do it so that I can spend the time writing.

So, everything's coming together. Unfortunately it means the release date is going to be pushed back a bit, but I'd rather have a polished, profession book than a dodgy mess. It's worth the very reasonable fees I'm paying.

In other news, David Gaughran has a really excellent post about ebooks, ereaders and the European markets. Since I'm living in the UK, this stuff is really important to me. Heck, it should be important to all authors. With ebooks, the whole world is your audience and the wise author stays on top of what is happening with this industry throughout the world.

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