Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Why Writers Are Way Cool

Thanks to Philip Chen over on Kindle Boards for this hilarious list of reasons Why Writers Are Way Cool:

1. We tell tall tales and are not sent to the corner;

2. Writers are chick magnets (at least that is what they tell me); (My Note: In the case of female writers... hot guy magnets. Heh.)

3. People will buy drinks for us;

4. We can dress like slobs and people will think we are just quaint.

5. When we get drunk and start quoting Proust incorrectly, people think we know something they don't know;

6. It's better than digging graves for a living;

7. We get to scribble our names in someone else's book and they don't get mad;

8. We can smoke a pipe and not look stupid;

9. I have a corduroy jacket, pants, and shirt (true);

10. (more?)

Yeah, Philip, I've got more!

10. We get to choose our own uniforms (aka pajamas - or naked, if we want).

11. We can sleep until noon and call it our "process".

12. People think we can live glamorous lives and know lots of celebrities.

13. No one can tell us we're "wasting time" by daydreaming.

14. Chocolate is brain food. So is wine.

15. Reading is "research" so you can write off things like books.

So, how about you? What's your reason writers are way cool?

And while you're at it, check out Philip's novel Falling Star over on Amazon.

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