Monday, 17 May 2010

Dragons In The Hedgerows

It's amazing, the places one can find inspiration.

Agatha Christie used to find inspiration on trams and trains and sipping tea outside cafes. Who am I to argue with genius.

Inspiration, my friends, is everywhere. I found my inspiration in hedgerows in the North of England.

Yes, hedgerows. Dragons live in them, dontcha know. They lay their eggs there and some times they hide behind the stone walls in quaint little English villages.

Trust me.

And sometimes, very late at night, if you watch very closely, you will find them meeting atop Hadrian's Wall for a conclave. That's when things get interesting...

So yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kissed By Fire is all about DRAGONS!

(Picture by Ushika)

"Thou shoulds't beware of Dragons for thou art crunchy and taste excellent with ketchup!"


  1. That reminds of one of my all-time favorite stories, The Cavemen in the Hedges by Stacey Richter:

    But it's a lot of people's favorite story, as it has been anthologized a bunch of times.

  2. I've never heard of The Cavemen in the Hedges. Sounds fun! And I don't see why dragons and cavemen can't live there together... lol